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Our Attorneys Help Victims Of Trips, Slips And Falls

Business and property owners have a duty to keep their premises in a safe condition and to make reasonable inspections to discover potential hazards and conduct the necessary repairs. This duty — called premises liability — allows you to enter a supermarket, shopping mall, apartment complex, office building, movie theater, sports arena or public park without constant fear of sustaining a serious injury.

Premises liability lawsuits are not always easy to win in New Mexico. The injured victim has the burden to prove that the property owner or renter is at fault. With over 40 years of experience, our team at Revo Law Firm, LLC will advise you on your rights to recover for slips, trips and falls on residential, commercial or government property.

We will pursue fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries, which may include:

A Business Owner’s Responsibility To You

To file a premises liability claim, you will need to prove that the property owners had a responsibility to address the dangerous situation or that they failed to inspect the property thoroughly enough to be aware of the danger. Our lawyer, Terrence Revo, will investigate your situation to see if any of the following may be cause for a personal injury claim:

  • Wet floors with no warning signs
  • Construction work without warning signs
  • Retail aisles that are blocked by hazards
  • Improper lighting or security
  • Icy stairs or parking lots
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Pools or play areas with no supervision
  • Unrestrained animals

We will consider evidence that indicates how long a hazard existed to prove the business breached its duty of reasonable inspection. For example, a broken jar of cream that is brownish in color, curdled, smeared across the floor and has footprints tracking through it probably created a risk of injury for longer than acceptable under the rules of premises liability.

Filing A Slip-And-Fall Lawsuit Against The Government Or A Private Entity

New Mexico’s laws impose a three-year statute of limitations for most premises liability claims. However, if you are suing a municipal government entity, you must file your notice of intent to claim within 90 days — not even three months. An intent to claim is not a full lawsuit, just your notice to the government that you intend to file a claim. If you miss the strict notification deadline, you lose your opportunity to obtain fair compensation for your injuries and medical expenses from the government agency responsible for your accident.

Obtain Compensation Against Negligent Property Owners

Let our law firm guide you in filing your slip- or trip-and-fall claim. Call Revo Law Firm, LLC, at 505-293-8888 or contact our injury firm online to schedule your free initial consultation.

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