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Does It Really Matter Which Lawyer I Hire?

People often ask me if it really matters which injury attorney they choose. My answer is that it absolutely does because not all lawyers are the same. An experienced, competent and courageous injury lawyer will get you a better result and leave you feeling well taken care of at the end of your case.

Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to choose the right lawyer:

  1. The insurance companies know which lawyers are most effective. If your insurer knows that you have a strong attorney, it may make a more favorable offer.
  2. You deserve a lawyer who can answer your questions on injuries so that you are knowledgeable at the time of settlement negotiations.
  3. Your case is unique. An attorney who understands his clients’ individual needs will work for the results best suited to your personal circumstances.
  4. Insurance company adjusters can be rude, dismissive or even fail to uphold its duties to you. A courageous lawyer won’t back down and won’t accept low offers.
  5. A competent lawyer and his staff will prepare the case the right way the first time and make sure that the demand for settlement is organized, complete and uses the right language.
  6. Many of the really good lawyers focus on quality representation, so you won’t see them on TV or on New Mexico’s highway billboards.

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