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According to a new study, New Mexico nursing homes have the most serious deficiencies on a per-nursing home basis of any state in the country.  Serious deficiencies are those that put nursing home residents in serious and immediate danger.  Investigative journalists at ProPublica have completed a massive study of nursing homes in the United States.  Unfortunately for New Mexicans, nursing homes in our state rank at the very bottom with 1.55 serious deficiencies per home.  This number far exceeds the state in second place, Texas, with 1.05 deficiencies per home.

Dozens of nursing homes in New Mexico have been fined for failing inspections, with fines ranging to more than $220,000 for serious violations.  Overall, of the 74 homes in New Mexico, 36 were found to have serious violations and paid more than $2.4 million in penalties.  19 of these homes are located in Albuquerque.

Nursing home violations are ranked from A (least severe) to L (most severe).  Violations that are ranked as J, K, or L are considered to be extremely serious and mean that residents are in immediate jeopardy for their health or safety.  Nursing homes who put their residents in this type of jeopardy must take immediate steps to fix the problems or they will be removed from Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Fortunately for New Mexicans requiring residence in a nursing home for themselves or a loved one, there are resources to check to find out which homes perform well and which fall short of expectations.  Simply go to this website – – and search for nursing homes by city, state, or zip code.  Homes are rated based on a variety of criteria and the ratings allow consumers to make an informed decision about which home is right for their loved ones.

Our team of experienced and compassionate lawyers at Revo Smith Law recognizes the danger posed to nursing home residents when the home fails to live up to its expectations.  If you or someone you love has been hurt or neglected in a New Mexico nursing home, call the team at the Revo Smith Law Firm at (505) 293-8888.